Why do you need ERP?

What ERP does?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a systems and software packages used by organizations to manage daily business activities, such as manufacturing, accounting and procurement. ERP systems tie together all of the task in different department to define a business flow and enable the data flow in between them.

Why does a company need ERP system?

ERP is the glue that binds together the different computer systems for a large organization. Typically, each department would have its own system optimized for that division’s particular tasks. With ERP, departments can communicate through only one system and share information more easily with the rest of the company.

The ERP software functions like a central nervous system for a business. It collects information about the activity and state of different divisions, making this information available to other parts, where it can be used productively. Information on the ERP is added in real time by users.

Most of the business decided to implement ERP to improve their business performance and for further business growth.

Source: Panorama Consulting

What you can benefit from ERP?

To conclude

To sum up, ERP helps an organization to gather all tasks for each department in one system in order to generate data and analysis that helps you on improvement of internal communication, productivity and even product quality. There is no more manual report to done by using excel, saving labour cost and time on manual processes and focus more the development of the product to business growth.

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