My Software and DSC Consulting Sdn Bhd joined forces to expand Malaysia ERP market

My Software Solutions Sdn Bhd(SQL Account – My Software)and DSC Consulting Sdn Bhd a affiliated company of Digiwin Software Co., Ltd, held a distributor strategic partnership signing ceremony on 26 March 2021. This signing was signed by representatives of CHAN HUI MIN (Director) and ONG CHEE ENG (Manager) of MySoftware. The representatives of DSC Consulting Sdn Bhd HSIEH TSUNG CHE and CHUA CHUNG YEEK attended together, and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was completed under the witness of the two teams.

My Software Solutions Sdn Bhd is an accounting system service provider (SQL Account) based in the Northern region of Malaysia. Under the development needs of many small and medium-sized manufacturer, it is looking for a manufacturing module that can adapt to the future development of customers and flexibly to integrate with the existing accounting system. After multiple times of evaluations, MySoftware understands that Digiwin can provide complete manufacturing solutions, especially in metal processing, auto parts, plastic injection and furniture manufacturing… and other industries, so MySoftware chose to become Digiwin as strategic business partner.
Digiwin has more than 50,000 customers in China, Taiwan and SEA. Digiwin is the leading brand of manufacturing management system in the Asia-Pacific region; it provides overall enterprise operation management (ERP enterprise resource management system), tracking management of the manufacturing site (MES manufacturing execution system), and automatic integration of machines and equipment (SI/IoT) /MoM), warehouse barcode system (sFLS/WMS), and electronic sign-off system (BPM enterprise process management system), Digiwin is the best choice for enterprises to move towards Industry 4.0 (I4.0), providing one-stop solutions for smart manufacturing.
Observing the current global trend, the market has reorganized the global supply chain due to the two major factors of the trade war and the epidemic, and the manufacturing focus has been shifted towards Southeast Asia. For the CNC industry in Malaysia, the order volume has increased significantly. The awareness of production status tracking has increased, and the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing has been accelerated, and the demand for informatization and digitalization has arisen in response to the situation. In view of this, MySoftware and DSC Consulting have joined hands to formally sign a contract with a common goal of “providing a one-stop complete solution for small and medium-sized manufacturer”. Both parties are optimistic about the market!

Digiwin will recruiting more partners in Southeast Asia in 2021 and set a new milestone in order to rapidly expand the service capacity of the local market in Southeast Asia. Digiwin expects to become an empowering platform driven by informationization and intelligence, providing a sustainable cooperation path, allowing the core capabilities of technology value-added alliance partners to serve more companies, and pursuing innovation under the strong cooperation. A new win-win situation for Digiwin, partners and customers.

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