Digital Transformation Signing Ceremony of TLGF Malaysia Sdn Bhd and DSC Consulting Sdn Bhd

To increase the transformation speed of IR4.0 for overseas business, under the introduction of Malaysia JiangSu Entrepreneurs Business Association (马来西亚苏商总会), TLGF Malaysia and DSC Malaysia signed a memorandum of cooperation on date 18 March 2021 (Thursday) for digital transformation of TLGF Malaysia factory into a Smart Factory.

With the times evolution, more and more enterprise are moving towards to digital transformation to increase the efficiency of production and management. With years of experience and knowledge on automotive heat exchange system pipeline, TLGF strongly believe the company will further expand its overseas business and implement digital transformation.
To achieve the objective, TLGF not only continuous to invest on machine, at the same time also invest in software with IR4.0 ready solution. The cooperation between DSC Malaysia, a company who provide enterprise solution, will build a strong foundation for TLGF future digital transformation.
DSC had successes providing support China and overseas enterprise on enterprise solutions and services, transforming enterprise from informatization to automation. The ERP and MES automotive solution provided is widely used by enterprise, like ZhiQi Railway Equipment, Wieson Automotive Co., LTD, Yahu and etc.

Not only at main City of China have 30 over branches, DSC also ventured into Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand since 2008.

During the ceremony, Mr. Shang Xufeng, General Manager of TLGF, said “The expectation of cooperation between TLGF and DSC, is to establish a corporate model for China businessmen at Malaysia, establish long-term and stable cooperation and friendship together.

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