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Enterprise onlineoperation guide

During MCO(Movement Control Order), some of our employees are unable to work at the office, it may leads to many challenges for management, such as staff attendance, task assignment, work progress tracking, department integration and sign-off.

How can we deal with these problems? Digiwin could create a digital remote office environment by BPM system (Business Process Management) for you!

【09:00】Online attendance:
keep track of employees’ work status through the attendance data board.

Online filing of business trip form / work from home form (remotely) / leave request form

Inquire the attendance status of department staff in daily work status report

【09:10】Online attendance:
The company information released timely on the unified interface.

  • Publish the latest announcements quickly

  • Check the latest announcements in time

  • Keep up to date with the latest information

  • Automatically send notifications

【10:00】Online office:

Distance communication and collabration seamlessly integrate

  • Online make Quotation, supervisor review online, timely provide customer quotation

  • Inquire the status of customer complaints, track the handling progress and feedback to customers effectively

  • Internal operation connected, Effective record of cross-unit discussion

【11:00】PR Approved online:

  • Procurement staff receive valid procurement requests from all departments in time

【11:30】Order tracking:

Order received online, order tracking becomes more trasparent

  • Allows customers to check current inventory, prices and place online orders through app or URL

  • Track the delivery schedule of orders, internal communication becomes seamless

【13:00】Online meetings:

Held meetings and deploy work

  • Meeting notice: the appointment is quickly confirmed

  • Meeting minutes: the resolutions are clearly conveyed, and the minutes are available at any time

  • Execution report: the tasks are assigned clearly, the implementation progress is fully controlled

  • Performance analysis: display processing time data, drive workflow optimization

【16:00】Document management:

Remotely compile, review knowledge document

  • Timely review knowledge files, picture files, or work instructions

  • Remote upload files, timely release of documents and version control (iso files)

【17:00】Work progress report:

Feedback daily work output in time and understand the work progress

Fill in the daily work report before off work, and give feedback on the work progress of the day.

Work schedule query, understand team’s overall home office efficiency.

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