On-Demand Webinar: Data-Driven Create New Digital Value in The Digital Age

On-Demand Webinar

Data-Driven Create New Digital Value In The Digital Age 

Keynote Speaker: Digiwin Software | Smart Manufacturing Senior Consultant Ted SuAgenda:
  • The use of two major technologies in the manufacturing field: IT and OT
  • Four-Stages of IT & OT Data-Driven Approach
  • Digital optimization case studies
Several new technologies such as e-commerce, big data, IoT, and cloud computing have emerged in recent years. The development of digital technology has driven the evolution of industries. Meanwhile, the pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises. In response to the needs of the new norm, the manufacturing industry can use digitalization to assist in various aspects of growth and enhance its core competitiveness. Learn about the three stages of digital transformation and the ideas of smart manufacturing sites to meet market demand. 

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