The Best SFCS for SMES: DigiwinSoft Production Progress Management

DigiwinSoft Production Progress Management

The Best SFCS for SMES


DigiwinSoft manufacturing industry experts help enterprises to move towards digital transformation and Industry 4.0, focusing on:

  • Metal industry (CNC processing)
  • Auto parts industry
  • Plastic industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Others

Is your production like a black box?

You have been using an accounting or inventory system for years but unable to control production status?

Digiwin Shop Floor Control System can resolve your problem by improving three major management capabilities
– without changing your current accounting system!


Missing of finished goods
Who is the person in charge?

Unexplained waste of capacity
What is the operating status?

Unknown production status
Is the order ready?
What is the process now?

Unable to identify defect reason
Why does wastage happen?

Common issue 1: Unclear order progress

Common myth: Customers request rushed orders, frequent insert orders, and disrupt original production plans.

Real reason: The production site is still using handwritten work orders to track the production progress, and the process progress is uncertain.

Solution: Real-time tracking and visualized production site

Common issue 2: Imprecise machine operation

Common myth: Machines are not enough for production.

Real reason: Lack of accurate analysis and the machines are not fully utilized.

Solution: Ensure the machines will not be idle during the time of delivery, and the dispatch of labor will not be repeated.

Common issue 3: Unexplained reasons for poor production

Common myth: The reason for the defective product is unclear. Once the defective product is traced, it is impossible to identify the problematic machine and process in time.

Real reason: The reason for defective products is not collected.

Solution: Quick and immediate product profiling

The production status monitoring solution you need

 Unlock the production black box with just 4 steps


Create Work Order

  • Issue a work order, confirm the project and quantity of requested products
  • Automatically generate the corresponding barcode

Task Reporting

  • Report the number of check-in and check-out stations
  • Use barcode scanning to simplify the data input process

Information Collecting

  • Report abnormal data during the reporting process, including the number of defective products and reasons

Progress Tracking

  • Production progress Kanban shows the progress of each station, the number of products, etc.

The production schedule management method you expect

Six major management boards


Benefits of the production status monitoring solution


With the consultation experience from more than 50,000 companies,

Digiwin surveys show the benefits after implementing the system as follows:



Improve transparency of production status monitoring


Increase order fulfillment rate


Improve customer satisfaction (business growth)

Testimonial video from our client

The best empirical evidence in different industries

Your best choice – Digiwin production status monitoring solution

Digiwin Smart Manufacturing! A comprehensive plan for the enterprise in the path towards Industry 4.0

Best practiced implementation

With mature product functions and rich industry consultation experience, Digiwin Software has more than 50,000 customers in Asia.


Full control of the production status

Control production and shipment status with zero-touch and transparent information


Flexible addition to the existing system

No need to replace the existing invoicing system, our system can integrate with current programs seamlessly

Simple and easy to use

Intuitive interface, organized training, quick implementation, immediate effect


Shop Floor Control System designed for small and medium-sized enterprises
in the manufacturing industry.

Let Digiwin be your best strategic partner!

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