About Digiwin

Digiwin Software Co., Ltd (300378.SZ) is the leading solution provider for manufacturing industries in Asia, the most trustworthy ERP solutions and service provider.

Digiwin Software the total solutions provider for IR 4.0, using the business operation and smart manufacturing (ERP and IR4.0 solution, Manufacturing Execution System MES, Business Inteligent BI, Business Process Management BPM, System Integrator SI integrated devices & etc…), to achieve enterprise digitalization goal, increase efficiency and reduce operation cost, growth together with enterprise to continue provide comprehensive services. There are over 50,000 companies are currently using Digiwin products in Asia, in Taiwan there is over 70% of listed company is adopted Digiwin product.

Digiwin is committed to becoming a strategic partner for win-win, co-living, and move forward together with the enterprise, and is also determined to become an influential of ERP system and service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. Together with business partner to achieve success!

Leading brand in SEA for manufacturing solution

Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 Business Health Check: manufacturing transparency, automation, and real-time tracking

Digital Transformation for Business

Targeting business value and strategy with informatization, digital tools, professional business digitalization services

Extracting Best Practices

Extracting best practices of smart applications from over 50,000 business cases that cover different industries



Brand Assurance

  • Nearly 40 years of experience in enterprise information software development
  • Leader in manufacturing management system

Flexible Policy

  • Mechanism to protect the profitability of business partners
  • Ensure that distribution partners can meet customer needs
  • Comprehensive sales and delivery empowerment


  • SEA local support team
  • Comply with local statutory requirements
  • The company’s key investment

Product Stability

  • Business finance integrated application
  • Focus on providing a total solution for manufacturing industries
  • Fulfill unique requirements of specific industry

Direct support from principal

  • Comprehensive project support
  • Principal provides end-user customization
  • Sales and Marketing resources support

Production Introduction

Join Digiwin

Cooperation proposal

Our primary goal is to cooperate with Digiwin to create business opportunities and easily achieve your business goals. You can put forward new ideas to build your business, provide industry-leading profitability and cooperation plans to adapt to your core competitiveness, and expand the market and service together.

Become our important business partner

Among the one-stop professional services required by enterprises, Digiwin provides the resources for enterprise to digitalization. If your core business is legal consulting, accounting firms, corporate management, shop floor automation, production machine provider, and other application software distribution… etc, you will be the partner that we would wanted work together! Please fill in the form below or contact Digiwin, we will contact you immediately.

Please fill up the form below or contact Digiwin, we will contact you immediately.
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