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Manufacturing operations transformation
Quick response to customer needs

Order Processing|Planning|Materials Supply|Production|Warehousing

Say goodbye to extensive management &

Advance to delicacy management

Extensive management methods cannot meet the current needs of the machining industry and are unable to output reports according to customer requirements, such as the defect rate, production records, etc.

With the implementation of delicacy management, enterprises can reduce inventory costs and invalid working time, and increase per capita output.
This saves costs and improves work efficiency remarkably.


Inefficient cutting-tool management Inconsistent accounting, and factual data

Delivery date

Unable to respond to urgent orders due to manual production planning


Unable to control the loading of each machine
Unable to quantify the capacity of equipment



  • The production team leader confirms the completed quantity of the manual work order and counts the working hours manually
  • Lack of a unified planning system for the materials preparation and production scheduling
  • Unable to provide statistics and analysis because the status of cutting tools is not reflected timely


System records the cutting-tool information (in and out)

Delivery Date

The system schedules production, monitors the equipment load and considers the plan’s enforceability as a whole


single piece recording, report tracking, system process the allocation of machine resources



  • Optimize business operation process, standardize basic management, improve operation efficiency
  • Improve equipment performance and the work efficiency of production staff
  • System records online/offline time, the production staff able to collect and count in real time

Smart manufacturing is not just that


WIP Cost

Quality Control

Breakthrough Thinking & Beyond Imagination

Mr.Wu Xue-gen – Deputy General Director

Manwah reaches a new direction after intelligentization. We are aware of the need to develop a management system and upgrade software and hardware according to management issues.

Create a Win-Win Situation & Accelerate Response

Mr.Wu Feng – Deputy General Manager

After intelligentization, production data becomes clearer and more timely. Along with customer integration, we make clear production plans, improve material and inventory management capabilities, and improve customer response speed.

From refinement to

digital management

The problem caused by small-volume large-variety production is that the plan is adjusted frequently. The adjustment time becomes long due to the changing in mold and line. As a result, the delivery date is missed, product quality is unstable, and the cost cannot be reduced.

The age of competition by “hard power” has passed. Man wah uses technology to enhance “soft power”, by combining hardware and software, merging online and offline, and finally turning passive into active!

Ability to respond to the market

Ability to execute the production plan accurately
Ability to control the tool changing

On-time completion rate of orders 90%→95%
Change rate 20%→10%

Cost control ability

Ability to manage cutting tools and inventory

Material l& ledger accuracy 50%→97%
The output ratio of cutting tool consumables 4.5%→3%

Manufacturing capability

Production capability of employees

Daily productivity 80%→97.5%

Smart Factory – Strict control in production traceability & quality management

How to track single-piece production?

How do employees perform self-checks, inspection and final checks?

How to improve tool management and reduce cutting tool attrition rate?

How to assign tasks according to personnel and machine loading?


Mr. Wei Li

DigiwinSoft | Director of Consulting Department

We can monitor the machining and equipment status and adjust the production work through the tablet.

The data will be immediately updated to the corresponding location.

The production manager can distinguish different processing tasks through the colors of the smart dispatch dashboard. They can check the machining starting and ending time as well as the manufacturing loading status here.


Mr. Wei Li

DigiwinSoft | Director of Consulting Department

Operator logs in the system to start work and check production tasks.

When the first inspection signal is green, it means that the first inspection has passed. The employee can perform the molding, update the serial code and start processing.

The MES system accurately records the time of online/offline, molding, processing, and inspection. It can meet the data collection requirements of single station and dual worktables in the machining industry (Zone A and Zone B are molding at the same time, When A is processed, B is moulding)

Quality inspection

Mr. Wei Li

DigiwinSoft | Director of Consulting Department


The staff conducts quality inspections and data key-in. The system automatically determines whether the workpiece is qualified according to the upper and lower limit parameters.

Depending on the need for quality control, QC staff re-inspect the workpiece. With the self-inspection of the original operator, the quality of self-inspection and re-inspection is double-checked.

Before warehousing, every product needs a final inspection. The system will display the test results and notes updated by the operator. Only products that complete the inspection will be transferred to the station.

Information Department - Mr. Liu Bo

Automotive parts and components | NGTB |
Whole Process and Quality Traceability

We implement the quality traceability system for suppliers, task reports, production, warehousing, and delivery process. Thus, we have improved the efficiency of supply chain collaboration with our enterprise (ordering, delivery, reconciliation). While meeting production needs, it can effectively control inventory and improve procurement capital turnover and inventory turnover.

General Director - Mr. He De-rong

Automotive Parts & Components | Wieson Auto |
Cut costs & Improve efficiency

Smart manufacturing is not just about equipment automation and workshop intelligentization. It’s more important to run the business and transform the model based on the digital platform. The operators implement intelligentization from the macroscopic angle, to accurately identify and analyze the data, to form a basis for decision-making and action to achieve lean production that aims to reduce waste and costs.

Chairman - Mr. Zhao Zhi-huo

Metal Processing |TriLink |
Transparent data of resources, equipment, production

Build a data network and form a control center integrating equipment, personnel, materials and environment. This improves productivity and ensures stability in processing and product quality.

DIgiwinSoft – Smart Manufacturing Integrator & Planner

Digital and intelligent integration solution for smart factory

All process. All angles. All aspects |Improve core management capabilities

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