4 Tips to help SME Manufacturers with production digitalisation

4 Tips to help SME Manufacturers with production digitalisation 

It is difficult to always keep track of your production when you are dedicated to improving your business’s performance. That’s why you need to start digitalising your production process.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Yet, when we interview some small-to-medium manufacturers in Malaysia, many of them are reluctant to begin production digital transformation.

We have identified some concerns that were common among them, and we believe that the solutions provided below are beneficial.

See if the following four points resonate with you as well. 


  • Production digital transformation

Pain Point (Ideally): You want to reduce labour work, systematize management, and improve overall production efficiency.

Fear (Reality): You’re worried that the system you choose:

  • does not fit your production needs
  • difficult for workers to learn and operate
  • cost you a big sum of money and time and end up losing

Solution: Using subscription-based solutions with low-cost commitment and fast implementation to kick start your factory digital transformation.


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  • Machine status

Pain Point (Ideally): You want to have real-time and transparent machine data to better understand machine operation and identify problems.

Fear (Reality): You’re worried about having too many old machines, with high investment and unstable systems.

Solution: Using a machine-to-device communication platform to collect and parse data, providing real-time machine status that can be used to improve your production processes.


  • Data management

Pain Point (Ideally): You want to gather information and data from each machine and product to improve product quality and production efficiency.

Fear (Reality): You’re worried that it will be difficult to collect production data because multiple factories are producing different products.

Solution: Using a unified platform to collect and analyses the production data.


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  • Production status

Pain Point (Ideally): You (as Business owners and sales representatives) want to instantly check the production progress and status of customer orders, even though you’re not in the factory.

Fear (Reality): You’re worried that it is impossible to obtain Factory Operation Information at any time or place. When it is obtained, it is obtained through post-event notifications, resulting in information gaps, inaccurate understanding of progress, ineffective deployment, and order delays.

Solution: Progress of manufacturing orders can be tracked in real time using a Gantt chart visualization on different devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Production digitalisation is a must for manufacturers to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve quality. While many are willing to create such a system, resistance remains due to uncertainty and high investment. 

If you feel the same as many other manufacturers, we totally understand you.

Fortunately, production digitalisation doesn’t need to be so overwhelming, as long as you begin it with asking the right questions and implementing the right solution. 

Digiwin AIoT Cloud is a subscription-based industrial application specifically developed for small-to-medium sized manufacturers. Using Digiwin AIoT Cloud, you can tackle all four issues listed above, and get started with production digitalisation without any major hurdles.


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SME Manufacturers: Ideally v.s. Reality in Digitalization
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