How to figure out the FOUR issues in production? Find the answer with the Digiwin AIoT Cloud

How to figure out the FOUR issues in production?

Find the answer with the Digiwin AIoT Cloud

Production schedules stand to indicate and estimate time and progress. However, you will still encounter various problems when the production starts. Some manufacturers would just proceed with the process regardless of the stability of the machines. If you cannot monitor the machine’s status, you may be affected by operational obstacles, which can impact productivity. With the advancement of digital tools, how does an AIoT monitoring system help to detect production problems in an early stage?

What Is Industry 5.0?

1. Confirm the requirement and inspect

Before production, it is necessary to inspect the machines and molds and ensure they are in good production condition. Yet, it takes a lot of workforce in this process. Staff can only track the usability but not the lifespan of the equipment. With the AIoT Cloud application, you can create files for the history and records of machines and molds. You can view all the essential information, such as status, maintenance records, and more, at a glance. Before the manufacturing process begins, you can check the device status through a mobile phone and strengthen the upkeep of the equipment that may have problems.


2. Monitor the operating status of machines

In actual production, equipment may not operate in 100% good condition. In the past, the master’s experience was used to ensure the standard operation of the equipment and solve simple problems. However, this approach relies too much on intuition. Inexperienced operators cannot immediately define the equipment problems and eliminate them quickly, resulting in production bottlenecks. Digiwin AIoT Cloud application enables the person in charge to monitor the equipment in real-time to confirm if they are operating efficiently. The status of machines, such as machining, idling, malfunctioning, or shutdown shown on it. From this, manufacturers can ensure the smooth operation of the production line. You can learn more about keeping track of production progress to make equipment management easier with this AIoT cloud application.

3. View the production status

In the manufacturing process, it is time-consuming to track the output amount and production hours. When the production capacity of each machine is inconsistent, the on-site staff are required to assist in recording the numbers. However, the data is often inaccurate, and you cannot accurately improve the efficiency with the estimated capacity.

With the application, you can monitor the production plan through the equipment sensors. The achievement index is displayed together, which is convenient for on-site managers to judge if the production progress aligns with the schedule. If there is a delay, you can go to the site in time to confirm the situation, the cause, and the responsible person, then deal with the problems.


4. Troubleshoot and review the defect causes

When there is a problem in the production line, the main problem is that the production status is stuck or the overall equipment effectiveness is insufficient. The manager has to go to the site to confirm which line is in trouble and remove its obstacle. If there is an abnormality or failure of the equipment, you have to contact the manufacturer to solve it on site and dispatch other machines to support the production. The back-and-forth communication may delay the production time and the original delivery date. It takes time to confirm the cause when producing defective products. If it is a slight defect, the production line may continue to work. Conversely, if it is a severe defect, the line has to stop immediately to check the defect reason, and the product may not be shipped.


The advantage of IoT is you can monitor the devices in real-time. Once an abnormality occurs, the application will notify you in time. Then, you can fix the problem and increase the efficiency of the operation. In addition, it can record the number of defective products, calculate the defect rate and analyze the reasons for it. From time to time, you can minimise production failures and ensure production quality by inspecting personnel or equipment issues.

The above four problems are the main issues that lead to production failure. Digiwin AIoT Cloud can assist in equipment monitoring, data visualisation, machine utilization, progress management, etc. Hence, you can ensure the production line operates efficiently. In future production, in case of workforce shortage, IoT is essential. Data will be the driving force for capacity growth. 

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