Penang Metal Mould Manufacturer First Step in Digitalisation

DigiwinSoft Malaysia collaborates with distributors to help enterprises in hassle-free factory management

DigiwinSoft Malaysia cooperates with the local accounting software expert, MS Soft Solution, to help TBL implement the on-site management system, SFT (Shop Floor Tracking). It allows the company to monitor the operation status through data. Meanwhile, the project was launched within two months and immediately showed benefits in terms of machine utilization rate, order delivery rate, and customer satisfaction.

An accounting system is a fundamental requirement for small and medium-sized manufacturers in Malaysia. Most business owners think that money and account are the key indications for the company’s operation. Therefore, they put effort into controlling the cash in and outflow to ensure the positive growth of the enterprises.

However, this is only a single aspect of management. Under the traditional management style, handwritten information and personnel communication may form gaps, causing difficulties in progress tracking. In short, the ability to accurately control the manufacturing process and maintain efficiency and quality are the keys to winning the favour of the market.

The case study of TBL Industrial Supply Sdn Bhd, a metal mould manufacturer in Penang, Malaysia, has verified the necessity of digital system implementation. At the same time, we could learn how simple data concatenation can help in competitive level and strength improvement.

“It is tough to earn steadily in this era because of the fierce competition. So, we need to find more ways to digitalise our company.” Ms. Ong, the admin cum account manager, said. She was conscious of the pain points and knew how to stand out in the market. Manufacturers might not be aware of the problem from traditional management methods. However, it is easy to notice the disadvantages when the business starts growing.

  • Unable to know the delivery date instantly, causing bad customer relationship and satisfaction.
  • On-site inquiries take a long time, and it might need 2 to 3 hours to go through the paperwork to get a response.
  • The handwritten data are unclear, or the staff is illiterate, causing the accuracy of the data questionable.

Noticing the hidden cost in traditional management

In addition to communication barriers, TBL is also aware of the transparency of the manufacturing process. The supervisors do not know if the order is being produced as scheduled and are unclear about the equipment status. Machine downtime has affected the production of the current batch, and they are incapable of fixing the faulty machine as soon as possible, leading to other serious failures. In short, enterprises should not ignore the waste of time and labour costs.

TBL hopes to solve the above situation with the help of digital tools so that senior executives and decision-makers can keep abreast of the production process to respond rapidly. Knowing their demands, they consulted MS Soft, the Master Accounting financial system provider, to search for a suitable factory management solution.

DigiwinSoft SFT system: Compatible, Easy-to-operate, Multi-device dashboard

There are many management tools on the market, but TBL only considers options compatible with its existing accounting system. They have built up a database schema for years, and it shall have preserved in the interconnected system. Meanwhile, this is also the trade-off factor for most Malaysian SMEs. After much research, most providers suggested a customised plan in the specified programming language to integrate with the Master Accounting financial system. However, TBL has retreated from the implementation because of the unknowns. 

Due to the same objectives, MS Soft and DigiwinSoft have established a distribution partnership, hoping to jointly promote the production management solution for Malaysian manufacturers. Focusing on the needs of enterprises, the DigiwinSoft shop floor control system SFT can be quickly integrated with the accounting system, allowing a seamless merge of the data from both systems. With the referral from MS Soft, TBL has finally found the best solution.

Through the in-depth understanding of DigiwinSoft consultant Fu Yong and MS Soft project manager Alfred, TBL completed the implementation in a short period, and the SFT was successfully online within two months. Mr. Jason Tok, Planning and Purchasing Specialist of TBL, said, “This speed has the lowest impact but great improvement on my production site because the management is more attentive now.”

Many small and medium-sized manufacturers thought that digital transformation has high entry barriers, yet forgot that they are more flexible in changes. In fact, they can reform even more quickly.

Unhinge the gap between the opponents with digital tools

The implementation of the SFT system allows TBL to control the three capabilities: real-time management, information transparency, and data visibility. This result has brought benefits to all staff, from the production line operators to managers.

The employees can use the barcode scanner to scan and report for work, which is intuitive and easy to understand, saves time, and effectively avoids handwriting errors. All the data is interconnected to the system synchronously. The supervisors can use various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers to check the progress anywhere, anytime, with a click. If they want to learn about the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), personnel working hours, and order progress, there is no need to go through files and folders or require any staff to compile the numbers. They can directly get the answer through visual charts and curves from the system.

DigiwinSoft x Distributors: Expand local businesses and help Malaysian companies accelerate transformation

DigiwinSoft has accumulated 40 years of professional knowledge and experience in various industries. Hence, the team is familiar with the steps and key points of digital transformation in stages. However, more resources and assistance are required to develop more local channels. To expand its market share, DigiwinSoft invites accounting software distributors, operational technology (OT) service providers, management consultants, and other enterprises to join forces and bring one-stop services to more Malaysian companies. In addition to providing high-quality products, DigiwinSoft also delivers industry management knowledge to the team to ensure a win-win business model for the three parties. 

The project has illustrated the perfect teamwork between DigiwinSoft, MS Soft, and TBL. They have had efficient implementation, and while the system was online, they have seen significant benefits too. Mutual trust and close cooperation allow the enterprise to taste the success irrigated by digital tools.

Opportunities blossomed for Malaysia’s manufacturing industry in the post-pandemic era

According to the collected data from the Department of Statistics, Malaysia’s Manufacturing sales value increased by 23.8% in July 2022, indicating the recovery trend of the market, and even profitability increment after the impact of the epidemic. A solid data foundation is the best backer if a business wants to stand out among competitors. A compatible system helps manufacturers manage personnel, machines, and materials efficiently. In the meantime, it can build the confidence of external customers too.

  • Enable to convert delivery time in a short period, allows customers to trust the operation of the enterprise
  • Easier to report work by scanning barcodes, effectively recording working hours, and tracing the responsible personnel of the production line
  • Production information can be seen in one click, so the supervisors and managers can keep track of the progress at any time and anywhere
  • Compatible with accounting systems, corresponding to the calculation of raw material costs, waste of defective products, etc., to improve efficiency and reduce costs

TBL has extended its digital tools from the accounting system to the on-site management software, reflecting its data-driven mindset and determination to keep improving. The success story of TBL is the best example of many small and medium-sized manufacturers in Malaysia.

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