Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics | Realise the integration of IT and OT data with Digiwin AIoT Cloud

Automobile air conditioning equipment, such as air conditioner controllers and overhead air-distribution systems, is the area of expertise of Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics. The 1989-founded business started out designing molds before moving into producing product connectors in 2003. Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics has embraced the Digiwin AIoT Cloud in order to stay competitive and hasten the digital transformation process. The business has been able to develop machine data networks, link ERP systems, and integrate IT and OT data thanks to the cloud. Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics has expanded shop floor visualization, documented production process parameters, intelligently handled all production-related elements, increased market competitiveness, and produced high-quality goods as a consequence.

In order for businesses to respond to the market’s quick evolution, the Digiwin AIoT Cloud has become particularly crucial. Companies must continue enhancing and standardizing management procedures if they wish to survive. The government is getting ready to put strategic directives into place for 2025 as a result of the rising demand from both domestic and overseas clients to visit and inspect factories. As a result, Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics decides to speed up the digital transformation of its manufacturing, so that it can strengthen its management methods and brand recognition.

Achieve Excellence in Quality With Digiwin AIoT Cloud’s Features

The Digiwin AIoT Cloud includes several features, such as the Task Manager, which provides instant dispatching monitoring and real-time tracking of production progress. Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics receives orders in diverse categories and produces with mixed batches, so tracking production progress is crucial to feedback timely delivery status to customers. Before using the AIoT Cloud, the company had to visit the shop floor to find out the production progress of any product. Now, the production progress can be intuitively checked through computers and mobile phones.

The Crystal Ball, another feature of the AIoT Cloud, allows for complete management of on-site production status so that the staff can respond quickly to any situation. The efficiency, utilization, and yield rates of production sites must be transparent and accessible to managers at all levels. The mobile app enables immediate and precise inspection of which machines are malfunctioning, in use, or idle.

Meanwhile, the Control Panel from AIoT Cloud offers one-click matching of product molding parameters, accurate control of the injection molding process, and enriched production experience through industrial data. The system can upload all production process parameters to the cloud, create processes, and set parameter ranges according to the company’s needs. Operators and technicians can instantly notify management of abnormalities, allowing prompt problem detection and resolution. The system also helps track production batches and isolate and solve problems promptly when a defect is found.

The Equipment/Mould Management function of the AIoT Cloud provides real-time machine and mould status monitoring, abnormality detection, and autonomous machine and mould life management. Paper forms were formerly used for inspection, which frequently led to items being missed. The method produces a comprehensive record of the mould history that serves as a foundation for additional research or inspection. The business may perform analysis utilizing information obtained from the cloud and evaluate the efficacy of the injection moulding process with the abrasion to decide when to check, validate, and replace equipment.

The Digital Boardroom assists manufacturers in creating a production and operations data platform that can be used everywhere, anytime. This function will be a methodical strategy for strengthening production management. Dispatching and production status may be checked on a mobile phone or a tablet through the digital control center, which makes it simple to retrieve pertinent data.

The Future of Manufacturing:
How Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics Stayed Ahead with Digiwin AIoT Cloud

Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronics has been collaborating with Digiwin for a long time and is happy with the AIoT Cloud. It has been modified to a specific, internally developed system that satisfies all of the business’s requirements. “With the help of AIoT Cloud, we aim to take our management to a new level,” they said.

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