Mr. Tiong Khe Hock on Tackling Digitalisation Challenges

On the occasion of the launch of the Smart Factory Transformation Programme in conjunction with the Going Lean: 7 Biggest Waste to Chop Off webinar, Mr. Tiong Khe Hock, President of the Malaysia Automation Technology Association (MATA), shared his insights on the challenges faced by companies embarking on digital transformation and the role of the Smart Factory Transformation Programme in overcoming these challenges.

Embracing Digital Transformation for Competitiveness

Mr. Tiong Khe Hock highlighted the importance of digitalisation in making M&E companies more competitive, efficient, and productive. He acknowledged the various challenges faced by companies in adopting digitalisation, such as limited technical expertise, resistance to change among personnel, and the difficulties of integrating IT and OT infrastructure.

Tackling Challenges with the Smart Factory Transformation Programme

The Smart Factory Transformation Programme aims to address these challenges, making it easier for companies to adopt digitalisation without major obstacles. Mr. Tiong emphasized the importance of starting small in digital transformation and gradually expanding, based on initial successes.

With DigiwinSoft’s proven track record in Taiwan and their expertise in assisting companies in their digital transformation journey, Mr. Tiong expressed confidence in the programme’s success. He also highlighted MATA’s commitment to providing consultancy and system integration services, if needed.

A Realistic Approach and a Vision for the Future

Mr. Tiong urged participating companies to have clear and realistic expectations for the programme. He encouraged them to start small, achieve early successes, and replicate those achievements for more significant progress. He concluded his speech by expressing his gratitude to everyone involved in making the programme a reality and emphasizing the importance of this initiative for Malaysia’s progress towards becoming an IR4.0 player in the industries.

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