About Us

By providing specialized, standardized and high-level enterprise management software, solutions, and consulting services, we help a large number of enterprises rapidly and continuously improve their management level, business performance and comprehensive competitiveness.

Our philosophy and mission

DigiwinSoft was established in Taiwan in 1982. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of innovation, respect and professionalism. Under the overall strategy of “Intelligence +”, it focuses on the manufacturing and distribution industries, with ERP products and intelligent manufacturing solutions as the core, actively promoting the research and development of innovative applications in the cloud field and the industrial internet field, helping enterprises change their operating models and practice digital transformation.

Our transformation

In January 2014, DigiwinSoft Co., Ltd. (stock code: 300378) officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s GEM board and the company entered a new development stage. In July 2020, in line with the consistent recognition of “creating customer digital value”, the company introduced Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Industrial Foxconn”, stock code: 601138) as a new strategic investment shareholder, thus further improving the company’s layout in intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, and continuously promoting the innovation integration of IT and OT, creating more mature intelligent industrial systems and helping China’s manufacturing industry digitalize and upgrade.

Based in mainland China and radiating throughout the Asia-Pacific region, the company has developed into an international operation group enterprise that covers multiple countries and regions, including Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia, with 36 group subsidiaries and sub-companies and 33 domestic branches.

Since its establishment 40 years ago, the company has grown to more than 4200 employees, including over 1000 R&D personnel and over 1500 implementation and service personnel. With a cumulative customer base of over 50,000, the company holds a leading position in the local market for production-oriented and intelligent manufacturing industry ERP products in mainland China.

Adhering to the corporate mission of “creating digital value for customers,” the company has ERP products and solutions at its core and extends outward with ERP II products that complement each other to form an ecological, integrated solution system. The company also integrates automation hardware equipment for cooperation and provides overall integrated software and hardware solutions to assist businesses in becoming intelligent. While providing integrated smart+ solutions and innovative applications, the company returns to the essence of enterprise management and assists users in applying value through value-oriented services that are guided by efficiency.

Our software products solutions diagram

Our Goals

As we enter the Era of Intelligence, traditional industry boundaries are disappearing. We propose “One Thread, Three Rings and Inter-Connected” as our strategic roadmap that would help our customers achieving intelligent production and intelligent omni-channel retails of “Maufactured as needed, Served as needed” .

“One line” connects the enterprise’s abilities and helps enterprises realize the development from automation, digitization to intelligence, and improves operational efficiency.

“Three ring” links the industries, builds an industrial internet platform, connects and integrates resources between enterprises, and realizes supply chain collaboration.

“Interconnection” gathers the intelligence of the world, realizes cross-industry and cross-industry resource re-organization, sharing and integration.

Our goal is to embrace cloud, mobile and big data technologies and be the best paradigm of business management software company.

Our strength

At the edge of technology revolution, Digiwin helps our customers not only in the form of information system, but also to confront and embrace the complexity in a more effective and efficient way. Thus, new opportunities for innovation and growth has been generated and our customers will stay ahead of the competition.

  • According to the 2015 ERP Solutions survey by CCW Research, Digiwin has been one of the top 3 enterprise software providers in the Greater China.
  • According to the 2015 Taiwan Top 2,000 companies survey by CommonWealth Magazine, 73% of the Top 2,000 companies in Manufacturing and 53% in Service Industry are our customers. Moreover, 68% of the top 50 fast growing companies are adopting our solutions.
  • Digiwin has also been extended regional partnership across South East Asia mainly in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.