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  • Improve the machinery in your production with smart technologies

Manage your factory remotely through mobile phones

Smart manufacturing is the future trend, and Digiwin, along with our partners, aims to help the traditional manufacturing industry achieve this goal through a suitable solution. Our subscription-based and low-cost option, AIoT Cloud, can effectively assist enterprises in implementing machine networking. Even small and medium-sized enterprises can begin the journey of equipment digitalization and visualize their production progress.

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Digiwin AIoT Cloud x Microsoft Azure

A cloud-based solution for the digital transformation of Malaysia’s manufacturing industry

The following are the features that we offer:
✔ Equipment utilization status
✔ Production task dispatching
✔ Work order production process
✔ Equipment abnormal notification

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Empowering SMEs manufacturers to enhance the core competitiveness

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Production Execution
  • Planning and dispatching
  • Equipment utilisation
  • On-site quick responding
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
Digiwin AIoT Cloud_Cloud based system
Task Execution
  • Visualizing production progress
  • On-site scheduling
  • Resource utilisation analysis
  • Production and working hours arrangement
Digiwin AIoT Cloud_Cloud based system
Processing Capability
  • Process design and optimisation
  • Production quality control
  • Equipment stability control
  • Cost control
Digiwin AIoT Cloud_Cloud based system
Equipment Management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment inspection
  • Equipment repair
  • Mould management

Digiwin AIoT Cloud Case Study

This application brings significant impact and benefits in various fields, and it is the best solution tailored for the manufacturing industry.

Case Study #1 Auto Parts Manufacturer – TLGF Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Pain points before implement AIoT Cloud:

  • Difficulties in managing factories remotely due to epidemic lockdowns
  • High product quality standards in the auto parts industry
  • Increment in small batch orders leading to production complexity

Benefits after implemented AIoT Cloud:

  • Improved work order progress
  • Increased product yield rate
  • Real-time output of reports in different management aspects

Case Study #2 Electronic Manufacturer – Zhejiang Xinfuer Electronic Co. Ltd.

Pain points before implement AIoT Cloud:

  • Dependency on frequent site visits to keep track of production progress
  • Poor alignment of execution with the plan
  • Dropping in quality due to confusion in the processing procedure

Benefits after implemented AIoT Cloud:

  • 12% increase in single-device utilization rate
  • 24% increase in same-day on-time completion rate
  • 25% reduction in wasted work and abnormal rework rate

Unlimited module expansion
Empowering manufacturers to implement IoT solutions on-site


Create an intelligent factory integrating hardware and software
Digiwin serves businesses with the power of the masses

Digiwin and our partners can offer you a one-stop service no matter how old your equipment is, how computer-illiterate your staff is, or how few machines you have. To take use of the ease and advantages provided by the app, all you need to do is set up your smartphone.

Currently, more than 10,835 devices have been installed to complete machine networking.

The production types mainly include mechanical processing and plastic injection, and the connected machines include over 30 different brands of controllers, such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Delta Electronics, common Malaysia brands, and equipment distributed by dealers.





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