Food Industry

Brand image may take years to build, but it can be ruin just in a moment,

Food safety issues been always existed, every manufacturer was thinking the same thing, it wasn’t about losing money but losing trust and reputation from their customers, what should we do before we are being affected.

Quality checking

Production Management

Finish Good Sales


How much it going to affect you if purchasing without quality check?

It not going to be a problem if our supplier is well known, SGS approved and their product wasn’t cheap right?


The goods from supplier always come with batches and most with different effective date, what will help us to manage all the batches of goods?

What is the most efficiency way to control delivery status of the goods purchased and how we deal with the supplier that always with goods quality issues?

Purchasing with greater quantity because of the cheaper of the price will make effective date more harder to control, in result, more scraped goods, how we prevent this happen?

Production Management

What if production not in control?

Using FIFO (first in first out) method and lot number to control production, scrap processing also one of the parts we need to concern to prevent any affect to company from customers and government.

Production Management

Material expiring soon should be use first? how to prevent using the expired material? How to implement FIFO?

Warehouse Management

Saving more expired goods for one time process, but it’s should not be allowed, how many are still remain in the store?

General Management

Staff in production line have to record lot number and other information base on every batch of product, can it be done?

Finish Good Sales

what will be affect if fail to sales track?

Government had set the rules to make sure sellers are able to track their product sold, therefore
We should have lot control on our product, but it will cause more workload.

General Management

To record all the information from source of material to processing and even sales tracking, matching are needed too,is that even possible?

Warehouse Management

Having lot number when stock in, matching when stock out, staff think I’m annoying them

Sales Management

Customer will check lot effective date, how I make sure it wont be any mistake?

Industry Case Studies

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