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Experience peak productivity and skyrocketing growth with Digiwinsoft. Guided by our expertise as Southeast Asia’s top ERP specialists, we craft strategic digital transformation strategies that leverage lean manufacturing principles for the Industry 4.0 era.

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Our seasoned ERP consultants specialize in crafting tailored digital transformation strategies. With a focus on data analytics and business intelligence, we guide you through the complexities of Industry 4.0.


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Our ERP solutions are tailored for leaders seeking to optimize operations, whether you’re managing a large-scale manufacturing firm, a small factory, or stepping into a family business. Experience enhanced decision-making, improved efficiency, and strategic growth. With our advanced tools, navigate industry challenges, maximize productivity, and ensure a sustainable future for your business.

Business Owner

Optimize profitability with precise cost management.

Finance Controller

Control labor costs and WIP expenses while driving efficiency.

Factory Manager

Reduce defect rates and streamline production scheduling.

Business Successor

Master production data and break through traditional operational barriers.

Facing operational challenges in your daily operations & manufacturing process?

Overcome them with DigiwinSoft’s digital solutions for smart manufacturing growth

Inventory Management

Struggling with uncertain manufacturing inventory levels? Frequent disruptions in supply levels affecting your production, leading to costly slowdowns and work stoppages?


With our manufacturing inventory management system, you can properly forecast production inventory levels: raw materials, work-in- progress (WIP), and finished goods. This way, you can consistently meet customer demand and expectations.

Product progress

Are you finding it hard to track your production progress? Without a clear plan, you could be falling behind as competitors continue to streamline their processes and boost efficiency.


With our digital ERP tools, you can interpret and analyze how to efficiently and productively manufacture products for sale. You can deliver to customers quickly without sacrificing the quality of your products.

Cost Management

Are you struggling with cost management? If declining sales revenue has you seeking ways to reduce manufacturing costs without sacrificing product quality, perhaps it’s time for a change.


With our virtual environment simulation, you can optimize costs and validate insights leveraged by big data. You can simulate the manufacturing processes in a realistic way and find the best solutions for your business.

Experience a Seamless Digital Transformation with DigiwinSoft ERP Consultants

Embark on a successful transformation journey with our seasoned Malaysia-based ERP consultants. We’re here to guide you, your managers, and employees every step of the way.

Say goodbye to ill-fitting solutions, steep learning curves, and wasted resources. It’s time to embrace a seamless digital transformation.

1. Define Your Goals
1. Define Your Goals

Envision your desired outcomes with an ERP system, focusing on the specific functions and processes you need to enhance. This clarity allows our ERP consultants to serve you effectively and address your unique needs.

2. Discover Your Needs
2. Discover Your Needs

We’ll design the ideal digitalization solution and implementation plan tailored to your challenges. It is important to have open communication and team alignment at this step.

3. Customized Planning
3. Customized Planning

Together, we’ll delve into your core management issues through interviews with key stakeholders, site visits, and data analysis, paving the way for informed solutions.

4. Achieve Results Stage-By-Stage
4. Achieve Results Stage-By-Stage

Once engaged, we’ll work with your team to develop action plans, manage targets, and monitor progress, allowing you to see real benefits along the way.

5. Collaborate & Optimize
5. Collaborate & Optimize

You’ll work closely with your consultant during the project, providing data, feedback, and resources for a successful outcome. You can now easily monitor performance and address issues swiftly, ensuring continuous improvement.

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