Automotive Parts Industry

A new round of global industry reshuffle is happening.
How do you seize the opportunity to become the preferred supplier of OEMs?

Digitalization intensity and quality are the key to your competitiveness advantages

Design and production information integration

Realize all-round design data management, centralized, accurate and structured management of R&D data.

R&D cycle shortened

Efficient collaborative research and development

  •  Four disruptive technology-driven trends (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Electric) have added pressure to transform
  • The rapid update of models has brought great challenges to automotive parts industry
  • How to shorten the R&D cycle of new projects by 30~50%?

Digital Agile Supply Chain Platform

Real-time connection between downstream OEMs and upstream suppliers

On time delivery and inventory decline

Ensure agile and on-time delivery

  •  To cope with the rapid changes in the market, parts companies must have agile supply chain capabilities,
  • In order to ensure the absolute delivery of the order, and reduce the inventory by 30~60%

Zhejiang Yahu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

  •  “From materials to entering the factory to the exit of finished products, it was originally an extensive control, but now the inventory has dropped from 30 million tons to 12 million tons, the inventory turnover has become faster, and the off-line settlement with customers has become more agile.”

DigiwinSoft MOM platform supports component manufacturers’ digital quality management to move towards quality 4.0 by stages

Real-time connection between downstream OEMs and upstream suppliers

Quality Traceability

On quality loss reduction

Reliable product quality

  •  Improve the reliability of product quality of sites from 0 km to 50,000 km
  • 100% product quality traceable
  • Reduced internal quality loss costs

Ningbo GREAT Group Co., Ltd.

“Establish an internal quality traceability system of the enterprise, collect related materials, quality inspection information, production process information, packaging information, etc. through barcodes, and realize the entire process traceability management from procurement, production, sales, logistics and other links to meet general requirements.”

DigiwinSoft MOM platform helps parts manufacturer build comprehensive digital smart factory

Real-time connection between downstream OEMs and upstream suppliers

Production efficiency improvement

Production cost reduction

Continuous cost improvement

  • How to improve OEE from 60% to 80%+?
  • How to build a digital lean production system,
  • Continuously improve production efficiency and improve operating costs

Wieson Automotive Co., Ltd.

“We collect data through MES and connects human, machine, and material data in series to realize transparent management of the workshop, improve production efficiency, reduce defective rate, reduce scrap, and then reduce production costs.”

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