Plastic Products Industry

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Common challenges of plastics products industry

Usually it is impossible to quickly and accurately quote and review quickly, and the operating efficiency of the enterprise is low, which may easily cause customer loss;

The development process of equipment and molds is opaque, the proofing cycle is long, and the success rate of proofing is low, which affects the ability of enterprises to receive orders;

Plastic materials, inks and other materials at the production site are relatively extensive in terms of material control, loss control, and nozzle material management, resulting in high product costs, reduced product gross margins and even loss of orders;

Unable to control the production capacity of on-site machines, mold conditions, teams, and production lines, often resulting in unreasonable utilization of production capacity resources, resulting in low product yields and affecting order gross profits;

The production method is usually based on forecasting production and supplemented by order-based production. Customers request shipments based on weekly or daily rolling schedules, and the phenomenon of frequent insertion of orders makes it difficult for the planning department to manage customer schedules and quickly organize procurement and production. ;

The products are mainly in small batches and many varieties. The cost of main materials is greatly affected by the chemical industry, and the main materials belong to the seller’s market. Extensive on-site management leads to waste of materials and sluggishness of finished products, resulting in low profitability of the enterprise;

Routine maintenance of equipment and molds, operating workload, operational failures, repair and return, history management, equipment and mold cost allocation and refund management, etc., in injection molding companies, the process is usually unclear, the data is inaccurate, the information is opaque, and relatively Ultimately affect the life of equipment molds, affect the start and finish of production on time, and affect product quality;

To fulfill client’s demand, you need to consider:

  • When will the order start? When will stock in? Where will produce?
  • Which materials are insufficient to issue purchase order?
  • Prior to existing materials and limited capacity, does the satisfaction of sales order meet the requirement?

Solutions for plastic products industry

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Solution Features

  1. When starting work on site, you can know which molds will be used for each work order, so that the site can prepare in advance to avoid insufficient or abnormal molds during actual production, which will cause production failure.
  2. Mold history data, such as mold borrowing and exiting, and mold usage records, can be queried in real time through the system, including mold cavity abnormality data, etc., to fully grasp the kinetic energy of the mold.
  3. The mold is introduced into the system through the whole process of contracting, vendor invitation, price negotiation and bid award, so that the mold cost and procurement process can be properly monitored to ensure that the expected schedule of the mold will be used online.
  1. Solve the management and accounting problems of secondary material derivation through the setting of secondary material ratio, setting of line side warehouse and reverse material mechanism.
  2. It can manage the addition of secondary materials for individual customers and products, and the material mechanism can effectively control the plastic molding quality of secondary materials and reduce material costs.
  3. Through the introduction of waste material management process, the trouble of manual collection and calculation can be improved, and the accuracy of product cost can be improved.
  1. Through the estimated price management, the price list can be automatically transferred to the order in a short period of time, and the price analysis and management can be carried out for customers who have not completed the transaction.
  2. The business no longer needs to inquire about the delivery date of the production management order, but can query through the system and quickly reply to customers.
  3. In case of temporary insertion, it can also actively track the production status in the factory and predict the promised delivery date of the order.
  1. The on-site information is transparent, and the production progress of the order can be directly queried through the system, without having to go to the site to inquire.
  2. Combining the information on the electronic kanban to fully grasp the on-site information, so that personnel can easily grasp the scene and deal with abnormal situations in real time to support the management of the factory-level war room in the plastic products industry.
  3. Outsourcer management allows outsourced processing factories to query the manufacturing orders through the network, and quickly report the time and quantity of inbound and outbound. 3 Through the integration of the human-machine interface, the operation data of the on-site machine equipment can be directly integrated with the ERP, reducing the cost of manual input and improving the accuracy and timeliness of data.
  1. Through cash planning and production scheduling, the bottleneck problem caused by insufficient planning is fully resolved.
  2. Quickly interpret scheduling reports, analysis, decision-making, and adjustment to improve order delivery rate.
  3. Automate more effective scheduling, reduce personnel costs, digest orders, and reduce overdue.
  4. Intelligent production and workshop control, establish a highly system integration platform, fully in line with the solution for the plastic products industry.

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