Electronic Industry

Electronics Industry Built in Information system that should be improved.

Based on this year research of the electronics Industry problems on the operational and management found that the economic going down but this industry continues to build and plan for their Information system.

As shown as below, implement of ERP is still the priority among this industry especially good material control, delivery tracking, quality assurance, equipment performance and etc where related to the production was the most important. These important issues are the priority focus on during IT implementation.

Due to the expansion of the company’s scale and the growth of its turnover, the old system is no longer sufficient, and it is necessary to introduce a more complete ERP, especially the function of the manufacture planning is strengthened …

  • 67.2% 67.2%

There is often a problem of lack of materials and the material pick less than the production and subcontracted materials needs to be managed .

  • 58.5% 58.5%

The sales cannot be immediately replied to the  delivery day. It usually takes more than three days to reply, resulting in the lost of orders.

  • 53.6% 53.6%

The customer requested to submit a production resume. When visiting the factory, it is often impossible to prove that the source of the material meets the specifications …

  • 33.7% 33.7%

Wish that there are tools that can help to calculate the effective working hours, invalid working hours, and the good condition of production?

  • 31.9% 31.9%

Staff salary combined with punch card for absence, performance appraisal, education training, recruitment

  • 29.8% 29.8%

It is hoped that the ISO documents and forms will be Informatization, to facilitate internal process management and supervisors’ business trips and to sign at any time.

  • 36.8% 36.8%

When revenue grows and scale expands, production and material planning cannot keep the old way

For companies in a rapid growth period, their performance and market share are rapidly expanding, and the complexity and quantity of data have continued to increase. In addition to the changes in the ordering habits of customers in the electronics industry in recent years, not only have estimates become conservative, but orders have become urgent, the order frequency is from once a month to once a week, or even every day …….. In the past, it took three days to plan materials and production schedules, and then responded to the delivery period. How to survive in this fast-changing era? Inconsistent production and marketing information will lead to high inventory and low performance management hardship


The customer’s order is in sight, but the delivery day of the item cannot be confirm … What to do ~~ !!!


The work order can’t start without just one piece of material, resulting in waste of production capacity and delay in delivery. How to control all the materials?

Manufacture Planner

When a work order enters the production line, it is like entering a black box. No one knows the progress there. How many times do I have to go to the scene to know the delivery date?


Worry buying too much material because sales forecast does not exist

The material condition and production information are clear and transparent, and the order delivery and material control can be a win-win situation.

In the past, I only knew that there were missing materials, and when will other materials be available, you must confirm them one by one. If there is a system to help collect the data, and with fast and complete material condition information, making decisions is quick and easy. When Production Planner (PP) is planning the monthly schedule, you can see the priority of the whole month schedule from the system, plan the production progress according to the capacity, and recommend that the salesman take more orders with full conditions to achieve the commitment with the customer delivery.For the Production Controller (PC), it is easier to understand the detailed material status through each work order; if the purchaser finds that there is a shortage of materials, they can adjust the order of the materials to be supplemented according to the order scheduling status

Production resource scheduling progress tracking

Combine equipment Gantt chart, capacity load, schedule. Clearly understand the capacity situation

Bottleneck resource overload table

Confirm the current forecast and product, whether the production capacity will be Over Loading, and  bottleneck process will drift to which routing

Daily dispatch worksheet

In the best interests of the enterprise as a whole (order delivery time and priority), the system proposes which machines are produced by each process and the estimated production date.

Order Planning Summary

The planner masters the planning results of specific orders (inquiries) through the overall order planning table, and sends this message back to the sales department to quickly respond to customers and warn about orders that may be delayed.

Order delivery schedule

Display delayed materials with delayed orders as a reference for User action plan

Suggestions on follow-up actions for customer needs changes

The inventory of those materials and in-transit purchases will become sluggish after the order changes, need to adjust the purchase or negotiate with the customer for claims.

Purchase order and reminder

“Ability to backtrack” will be the basic condition for manufacturers to take orders

Returns and customer complaints are the most unwilling reality for enterprises. When a return occurs, in addition to discover defective semi-finished products or finished products? Which batch numbers came from? Further focus on the source of the product and who it was sold to? The most important thing is to avoid the recurrence of customer complaints and Reduce the risk of compensation and reduce losses. In recent years, the demand of customer audits has become higher and higher. “Ability to trace back” is already one of the basic conditions for manufacturers to take orders. Product tracing and quality monitoring will be the best way to improve customer satisfaction and build brand competitiveness.

When the production rate indicates that the capacity is full, can it be improved?

When equipment is bought at a large cost, it is always hoped that it can maximize its capacity, but has the capacity been maximized? How to know where the loss of equipment capacity is playing? Seeing that the production rate is full, is it really impossible to increase it? Do you know how much capacity of the equipment is wasting while waiting or change production lines? Whether the efficiency is reasonable or not is not matter with experience. The best weapon is to provide effective data to prove it


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