Machinery Industry

Key issues in the management of machinery and equipment industries

For custom orders, did these problems occur?

The development of the machinery industry strategy has moved to “high-level customization”, and the production environment has gradually changed from a small variety to a “mass customization”. In addition to the challenges in technological research and development, the integrated operation of integrated research and development design and manufacturing is even more important. One person or feature does not support changes. When facing “customization”, how to effectively integrate people, pictures, materials, and BOM to maximize revenue will be an important point of thinking.

Develop Client Base

Common Distress

Custom machine orders are scattered. Is the future market opportunity good or bad?
When order forecasting is difficult, what departments are affected besides business executives?

Sales Manager

Unlimited business opportunities and unlimited markets. How many companies can you actually register?

Every time the customer puts a lot of effort into the operation, the final signed order is not as expected …


The company’s sales forecasts are unsatisfactory every time. How to prepare key materials?

Production Manager

The visibility of the order is not good, and whether to do it is an inevitable choice of pain, which leads to changes in production capacity arrangements.

<Wishing Bottle>

In perspective of develop client base, most of businessman hope to have tools that can establish a channel analysis model, from the perspective of products, channels and customers, in order to provide timely sales strength information as a reference for decision making

Furthermore, deploy corporate revenue maps to quickly review the growth and decline status of the revenue section, allowing decision makers to follow the map and immediately launch key decisions.

Because it is important to take orders, but make business opportunities one after another is more important.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

【Develop client base】Find high-op market from the revenue map combined with the annual budget

What if we can build a revenue map that tells the direction and key areas of market development for the enterprise, and shows the status of market revenue and budget at any time? Let managers control market opportunities and make key decisions in a timely manner.

Grasp Orders

Common Distress

Customers say: We are planning to develop this product, please help me evaluate how to better handle it.

Which model do you recommend? How much is the budget?

The estimated price is only for three days? If the machine can estimate the price quickly and accurately, then it should!


Is it correct to match so many specifications? Which module should I replace?

How to estimate customization?


I talked about the specifications last time and ask again ~

Wow! The robot arm has not been done, how to get it?


The specifications change a lot! How to do it?!

The robot arm is not complete yet, how do you estimate the time?

<Wishing Bottle>

In perspective of grasp orders, most of salesperson wish there are tools that can help constructing an optional model based on the key features of the product can speed up the price of the machine and improve the accuracy.

Establish a variety of cost processing models to support the machine’s cost estimation requirements for quoting and simplify tedious cost calculation operations,

due to it’s not important how to choose the machine. The key points are the speed of generating quotation is and the method of list BOM out.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[Grasp Orders] Response to customer inquiries should be faster and more accurate

Most of the customers’ orders are short-term orders, and soon they will quote according to the specifications. How to achieve a “quick response”!

How does a machine help to estimate prices quickly with function codes? How does the project machine quickly estimate the price through the passenger module?

Central Hub

Common Distress

BOM is incorrect! Every time I ask the R & D to make a change, the result is still wrong!
As for customization increases, you won’t know which version is correct!


Specifications are optional!
Did n’t we talk about it last time?

The pictures are all posted. Why are the versions not up to date?


Did you buy it right?

Which version is correct?


They all said that the selection was in line with the standards, but every time I asked for a quote, I still had to confirm with the R & D department. I have done as I said, and the R & D department also said I did wrong @ # $% ….

<Wishing Bottle>

In perspective of becoming central hub, most of entrepreneurs longing to construct the design of R & D personnel, the building materials and BOM are synchronized to reduce the risk of personnel heavy work and errors.

Establish a synchronization mechanism for research and development of EBOM and manufacturing MBOM data to reduce collaborative communication time is an ideal module,

as it doesn’t matter the R & D drawings come out, the focus is on time of the machine can be released.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[Central Hub] Need to quickly release BOM from R&D drawings so that purchasing and production units can keep up with the battle

Material numbers and BOMs can be generated quickly, so that purchasing can follows rapid declines in production units for improvement and tracking.

Central Hub is to assist the R & D personnel to quickly add the material number and BOM from the drawing, and also can be used for version control of the drawing.

Focus On Resilience

Common Distress

Customer requirements: Belt milling machine changed to straight knot type, and retrofit robot arm.

R & D shouting: Never made a robotic arm before, how to do?!

The drawing must be redrawn, and the building materials BOM must be recreated.


It took a long time to organize the ECN,
Compare materials, change materials and another batch.

Each development is always delayed and can’t get in


Not because the developer hasn’t bought it, is the drawings haven’t come down yet

ECN changes are always urgent and have to deal with many complex operations, I don’t know how to refresh

On Site

Why does the shortage always start after the machine is online?

The situation will change again. Which one should retreat?

What are the essentials?

Robotic arm! Where is the picture? Where is the BOM? Where does the change process going?

<Wishing Bottle>

In the perspective of resilience, manufacture operator can reduce burden by having a tool that can make automatic comparison between CAD 2 BOM and ERP ECN.

The material difference of manufacturing order is automatically compared and changed.

Analyze the differences in materials and automatically return materials, because the details of the changes are more important than design changes.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[Focus on resilience] ECN process automation allows R & D staff time to focus on better designs

Design and production are often parallel, but this often happens after ECN, and needs to face procurement and contract, material adjustment, module replacement, etc …

A lot of pressure can help check and control drawings, and automatically generate ECN orders, and then automatically generate related manufacturing orders to change and adjust material conditions.

Smooth Production

Common Distress

Obviously, there is still capacity, why can’t the machine be manufactured?

Every time I ask for a delivery date, there is no answer!

When can we resolve the fate of a lack of materials and late work at the beginning of the month?


The boss said that there were two machines on the site, and the three that Chairman Wang wanted should also be brought in.

How should it be arranged?


The schedule is unclear. When exactly is the batch needed? I don’t know where the schedule is, so the delivery time can only be “25”

On Site

The schedule changes,

Which one should go first? Where is the material?

<Wishing Bottle>

In the perspective of a smooth production process, manufacture operator needs to establish a cycled machine assembly schedule can reduce the time required to enter the plant to improve the problem of excess or missing materials.

It is important to establish an order commitment amount query mechanism, and plan key materials and schedule collaboration mechanisms to meet the efficiency of machine scheduling


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[Smooth production] Order simulation before rescheduled delivery to maximize the use of available resources

In the case of short market conditions and a large number of orders, if it is possible to simulate an order with insufficient capacity under the existing capacity, the specific delivery time can be guaranteed.

It can correctly calibrate the time when materials enter the factory, and can also improve the problem of excessive and shortage of materials on site.

Reducing Finish Goods Inventory

Common Distress

Isn’t this a bunch of inventories? Why is there no stock for the customer?

It’s too late, otherwise, would you tell me which models are available for sale now?


60, 70 units a month,

There are still more than 200 stocks outside the factory. What if the inventory is insufficient?


What items has not been delivered by the vendor?

On Site

Manufacture products based on the completeness of the raw materials, or is it made to order?

<Wishing Bottle>

In the process of reducing finish goods inventory, it is necessary to establish a forecasting planning model for machine common materials and parts selection, in order to meet the management mode of complete procurement and complete inventory.

The establishment of a multi-stage contracting mechanism for the procurement process and policy procurement process can reduce excess inventory caused by changes in customer demand, and it is important to resolve the hoarding of inventory.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[Reducing finish goods inventory] To reduce inventory, you must first make forecasts. The minimum and maximum turnover are reached to reduce inventory.

Reducing inventory is important, but reduction often results in on-site downtime, which affects production.

That is, it is possible to combine minimum quantity and maximum inventory turnover with a modular plan with general parts and optional accessories with sales forecasts.

Consolidate Customer Loyalty

Common Distress

With more functions, the technical threshold is getting higher and higher. how to teach?

How to schedule tasks? How is the experience passed?


Does the customer ask when the maintenance supervisor can repair it?

This machine was only repaired last month. Why is it broken now? Has it been repaired or changed?


The maintenance supervisor always goes out. The most painful part of scheduling work is, where is the person? Where is the machine repaired?

Worried about asking maintenance cases? Every bit of the past is in the record, but the record does not know which cabinet it is in.


The CASE status is unclear. How do I know if I can fix it?

Who has repaired this machine before and what parts have been replaced? Which version does the program use?

<Wishing Bottle>

In order to consolidate customer loyalty, the company can establish a maintenance knowledge base by categorizing the causes of failure, optimize the customer’s repair process through instant task assignment and schedule management, and then implement maintenance history records to prepare for technical inheritance.

Enterprises can improve product quality and goodwill by analysing the causes of failures.


Custom orders, can you actually manage them this way?

[consolidate customer loyalty] Satisfactory repair services, starting with sales and finally perfect

In the case of increasingly complex machine maintenance technology, we have to think about how to establish a machine maintenance history system to meet the maintenance personnel’s ability to quickly query past maintenance records when facing customer maintenance cases and to inquire through fault causes.

Relevant maintenance information to achieve the purpose of the rapid repair of maintenance cases.

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