Metal Products Industry

We provide metal production business management solutions with inventory tracking and external parts quality monitoring in real-time.

Common challenges of metal production industry

When the market changes violently, the impact on the production line would become severe. Despite the long whip effect, the fluctuation of the previous process shall be causing the post processing effect.

Why? Because of the limited resource in production is being occupied, it would be causes the change in market demand and scheduling of production capacity. How do we stabilize the metal production management is a common challenge among the metal production industry.

To fulfill client’s demand, you need to consider:

  • When will the order start? When will stock in? Where will produce?
  • Which materials are insufficient to issue purchase order?
  • Prior to existing materials and limited capacity, does the satisfaction of sales order meet the requirement?

Cause analysis of management issues in metal products industry

Production criteria:

  1. The raw materials used in production are relatively simple, so only the capacity load between the machines needs to be considered during the manufacturing process.
  2. Methodology: Variety of item are related to different equipment or mold. Does the production sequence take into account in delivery and customer priorities?
  3. Most of the heat treatment, electroplating process, and post-processing are handled by outsourced manufacturers, so outsourced management is also the key point.
  4. The source of raw materials used in the finished product needs to be tracked, so the raw materials and finishing products need to be controlled by the furnace number; advanced materials require material certification and product history tracking
  5. Due to the quantity change after the forming, heat treatment or plating process, the manufacturing process must use double units, and the ratio of weight (KG) to quantity (PCS) must be adjustable in order to get the exact amount.
  6. During the transfer process, fixed carriers are used, and bucket numbers need to be controlled or the number of carriers must be recorded.
With the expansion of the enterprise, it is no longer appropriate to use manual processing of documents in the past. You need to use a suitable system to help the enterprise reduce the human error rate, improve the efficiency of the operation process, and quickly respond to customer needs.

Solutions for metal products industry

Complete Service and Support

Solution Features

Respond quickly to customer needs

Improve tracking control from order to shipment.

Speed up customer inquiry efficiency

Provide customers with past processing unit price

Keep up to date with production progress

Grasp production and in-process schedules, improve management efficiency and machine utilization rate

Query the inventory information in real-time

Collection, return and production management

Improve management quality performance

Institutionalize and streamline operations, accelerate decision-making time

Clearing the receivables and payables

Accelerate accounts receivable, settlement speed and accuracy of accounts payable

Complete and extended services

Based on the enterprise management digitalization, we do provide industry solution from online, consultant counseling, medical consultation, medical consultation and other stages. We also provide extensive and intermediate service to assist enterprises to improve the efficiency of operation management and demonstrate the efficiency of the system.

Visible Management Benefits

Our experience-rich local consultants will guide you, your managers, and your employees on a steady path towards successful transformation.

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