Transportation Industry – Manufacturing

Build a flexible and High-efficiency manufacturing site, to get more orders.

There are many conditions to consider and difficult for manual operation schedule, In addition manufacturing site are hard to feedback and collect information not easily. Example: if suddenly customer ask for an order, department have repeat negotiate, it can’t reply ETD quickly cause frequent customer churn. The standard parameters of the machine are not managed, user didn’t know which version was correct even already go live, still take the time to test and adjust? The manufacturing site of transportation industry, improve scheduling skill, enhanced on-site control, set up an abnormal warning mechanism, manufacturing elasticty with maximum production, to get more orders.

Urgent Order

How should we do, if can’t reaching the plan often in manufacturing site


If receive urgent order, the original plan had been arranged, how to rearrange to least impact?

Operation schedule by manually, to consider many conditions, site conditions are changeable, cause scheduling and on-site production are not compatible.


Promise customer on-time delivery, but delay, cause customer complaints, affect subsequent orders.

Production Status

Production can’t deliver on time, how to follow up?

Production Staff

Production staff discovered that some of the semi product are not yet processed, also don’t know produce until which process, is that outsourced or made in house?

It takes more time to check the data or call to inquire, before we know the production status. The production status can’t be controlled, material can’t stock in, therefore didn’t have any material to assemble.


Customer complaint dissatisfaction if delayed order shipment, therefore how to deal with customer.

Manufacturing Site Management, you can actually do this.

Aggregation of information through the system, Planner might be easy control all material status and production progress in office, improve scheduling skill, on-site control ability, set up an abnormal warning mechanism, accelerated scheduling production ability and grasp on-site status, it can improve on-time delivery order and equipment utilization.

Improve Outsourced ability


  • The item subcontract to supplier, when and how many item will come back, is that only might be guess?
  • When come back from supplier didn’t record information completely
  • Make a phone call to supplier for understand what is the production status, sometimes the person in charge can’t be found.

Subcontract Management

e-Work Report

Set up an abnormal warning mechanism


  • Delivery an order item but in assemble process always lack of semi product or material, therefore can’t complete the last assemble process?
  • Start assemble but realized didn’t have any material, is that need to stop working?

MO Material Alert

Schedule Alert Kanban

Improve production scheduling ability


  • Customer inquire ETD, can’t reply as soon as possible
  • Urgent order, full capacity don’t know how to find out the best solution?
  • On-site information are not immediacy and accurate, can’t fulfill scheduling operation by manually and need to consider more.
  • Planner use excel software to scheduling, spend much more time in works.

Order Planning Report

Schedule Adjust Operation

Improve Manufacturing site feedback ability


  • Quantity, work hours and others are handwriting in paper, after that combine all information and key into excel for analytical use, sometimes assistance record wrong information
  • Item in producing but can’t find out the Mold, because didn’t return back the place, when the item start producing, production staff realized that mold have problem, cause waiting and waste time

Work Hours Record Immediately

Mold Return

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