Transportation Industry – R&D

Do you think R&D departments can supports business forecast?

If a new product development plan is scheduled for 20 months at a time, do you think it is a myth or just empty talk?

When the amount of prediction given by the trader is inaccurate, do you still have your own forecasting ability?

How to make accurate market prediction is always a big challenge in all industries.

Operators are always asking: “With so many new cars in markets, which car will sell better? Is that specific spare part worth investing in?”

We, Digiwin understand your fretful!


If market prediction went wrong, it will miss the market trend, this will lead to inventory hoarded and losing profits. If the system can provide a useful data to support market prediction, new product can be launch immediately and the development cost will not be wasted.

Sales Manager

Did not ensure the R&D department’s development requirements is necessary, due to the statistics have no evidence to prove it.

R&D Project Manager

During the development, problems will not have any warning while it’s happening. All development progress information is not transparent, and causing the progress and status of launching new products couldn’t be clearly grasped.

The key ability to dealing with the complex and changing ordering environment of the AM Deputy Market.

Improve the ability of predict business opportunities

Improve appraise speed and profit actuarial capabilities

Improve ability of project management

Improve graphic and document management capabilities

Improve business response capabilities

Improve business opportunity management and enhance the ability to predict business opportunities

The sales team can achieve business goals through data analysis of visibility analysis, realizable analysis, and sales analysis. Built customer and dealer information into data management, all contact history, network management, and product quotation will be more easily complete.

Improve appraise speed and profit actuarial capabilities

The unified management of the quotation information can improve the speed and accuracy of the quotation. At the same time, in the face of market changes, making process adjustments and updating the quotation cost structure simultaneously can improve the order signing rate. Statistics and analysis of customer inquiries and quotations can also improve customer relationship satisfaction.

Improve ability of project management

Traditional project management methods are prone to these shortcomings:

  • Documents and information hard to control
  • Staff’s assigned job is hard to track and manage
  • Supervisor cannot accurately grasp the number of projects and their progress
  • Difficulty in controlling output of work items at each stage of the project
  • Project manpower and performance cannot be effectively control
  • New staff have a difficult or long time to undertake projects
  • The inputs or outputs of each review stage are not clearly defined
  • Existing practices or systems have limited capabilities to truly implement project management.

Improve graphic and document management capabilities

Once the graphics are scattered, it is difficult to accumulate intellectual property.

Enterprises often face the following problems when managing graphic materials:

  • Materials, project files and drawings are scattered all over the place, but correctness is an unknown.
  • Document application, review, distribution and operations, the versions are prone to disorder and cause production waste.
  • It is difficult to manage the confidentiality and permissions of important documents
  • Difficulties in sharing of technical resources.
  • There is a single heap of tables, and the contents of the fields often cannot be reused.
  • Difficult to accumulate corporate intellectual assets

Improve business response capabilities

Delivery response, urgent order insertion and production and sales coordination are all testing the ability of the salesman. When the production information is not transparent, and the customer asks for the delivery date, the delivery manager needs to inquire about the status one by one to estimate the delivery time. The manual scheduling using Excel has its limitations. It is time consuming and it is impossible to accurately calculate which materials will become sluggish. It is not possible to know how to increase the purchase of raw materials, let alone the impact of poor orders, so it is very important to improve the speed of production scheduling.

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