Smart Manufacturing Execution System (sMES)

A brand new digital collaborative management approach, applied in various scenarios such as factory dispatch, production, equipment, quality inspection, etc.

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Achieve “human-machine-material-method-testing” interconnection

With the help of IoT-based solutions, the enterprise is upgraded comprehensively, realizing integrated workshop management and improving on-site production efficiency.

Dispatch and report: Personnel skill level

Through the production task center, the dispatch volume and production tasks can be adjusted flexibly to the designated production line, solving the limitation of staff dispatch and reporting, and improving their work efficiency.

Machine running parameters, Spot inspection and maintenance

Integrating machine information, real-time control of machine running parameters, equipment operation status, maintenance records, reducing unexpected downtime and failures, improving equipment production efficiency.

Material flow, inventory turnover, electronic scoreboard

Integrating order progress, work order production status, shortage information, machine status, etc., to minimize downtime and efficiently allocate production resources.

Material flow, inventory turnover, electronic scoreboard

Tracing the raw materials, processes, machines, personnel, etc., through the product batch number, identifying the abnormal reasons and meeting the needs of flexible production, responding to customer inspections at any time.

Quality inspection, real-time control

In-factory QC data early warning management, detailed data chart analysis and potential quality abnormality traceability mechanism. Real-time control of inspection results, improves inspection efficiency.

How does sMES Achieve Production Efficiency

Core values creation through solving three Major Challenges of Manufacturing,

Reduce Cycle Time

45% reduction in manufacturing cycle time

30% reduction in WIP (Work-in-progress)

Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency

26% increase in efficiency

27% decrease in cost

Improve Quality

70% reduction in quality failure

25% reduction in defects

*Data is from relevant industry statistics, specific benefits depend on industry intelligence level.

Accelerated reaction

Accelerated reaction

  • Product hours/process standardization
  • Equipment status management
  • Equipment load management
  • Process dispatch management
  • Dispatch scheduling management

Dispatch scheduling management

Workshop site transparency ability

  • Task transparency
  • Personnel transparency
  • Equipment transparency
  • Progress transparency
  • Progress transparency

Progress transparency

Improve efficiency-based start-up ability

  • E-SOP management
  • Equipment parameter management
  • Jig management
  • Material ready management
  • Task inbound management

Reduce wait time

Improve efficiency-based completion transfer ability

  • IPQC inspection management
  • Task outbound management
  • Process guidance management

Six Advantages of sMES

Quickly implement intelligent workshop for efficient collaboration and digital benefits

  • Digital Workshop Modeling
  • Production Quality Control
  • Production Task-Centered
  • Production Transparency
  • Efficient Production Process
  • Mobile Scene Matching
DigiwinSoft Malaysia_sMES

Forming human-machine-material-method closed loop

Efficient on-site job scheduling

Realizing various data collection and scenario modes

Supporting various mobile devices for mobile management of factory

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DigiwinSoft Malaysia_sMES Malaysia_Steps
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