Smart Factory Logistics System (sFLS)

Connecting barcode, mobile devices, electronic boards and ERP, to create a smart factory operation from procurement, material receiving, production, storage to shipment and after-sales.

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia
DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia
DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia
DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia

Have you been facing the following issues?

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia
  1. Differences between the systematic data and physical inventory
  2. Item data hasn’t updated on time even stocked-in
  3. Wrong material picking because of the similar specifications
  4. Unable to grasp the progress of quality inspection
  5. Mistakes caused by the similar product specification and packing
  6. Not easy to manage “First In-First Out”

How Smart Logistics Solutions can help?

Location control

  • Support random and fixed location storage methods
  • Record the warehouse map and maintain each storage bin, including aisles, brackets and levels

Batch control

  • Provides complete traceability of batches and serial numbers
  • Restrict or prevent the use of specific batches and materials

Cargo control

  • Contains the information and attributes of each type of goods that the system needs to process

Storage location

  • Detail of the warehouse and units storage
  • Automatically arrange the road map for the picking list or other work orders

Operation control

  • Narrow the distance and time for material picking, increase maximum output rate and space utilization
  • Cover the operations such as stock in, stock out, inventory checking etc

Stay updated of in-and-out process of your factory

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia

APP Functions

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia

Manual Key-in VS. Automatic process by code

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia

Traditional inventory management v.s. with Smart Logistic Solution

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia

Benefits of Smart Logistics Application

DigiwinSoft Malaysia_WMS Malaysia
  • Material-accounts consistent, Zero time difference
  • Accurate inventory data
  • Reduce work stoppage time
  • Decrease manual work

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